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Hosted by local leaders, city meetings crisscross the country every month with compelling presentations from key leaders and respected guest speakers. Bring a guest or bring yourself to hear what people are saying about the exciting Javita Opportunity, the unparalleled Compensation Plan and product that nearly sells itself.

For venue details, host contact information and more, login into your Javita Account and select Events.
Or call Javita Member Support at 1-855-JAVITA1 (1-855-528-4821).

  • Date Location Time Host(s) Speaker(s)
  • Sep 26th Redding, CA 11:30 AM Stacey White Stacey White
  • Sep 26th Salem, IL 06:00 PM Dorris Ferell Sherry Walsh, Lori Tockstein & Kyla Jo Patton
  • Sep 26th Fombell, PA 06:30 PM Julie Dambach Keith Doyle
  • Sep 26th Covington, GA 07:00 PM Mindy & Andre Merkerson Mindy & Andre Merkerson
  • Sep 27th Uniontown, PA 11:00 AM Tim Mchoney Keith A Doyle
  • Sep 27th Lovelock, NV 12:00 PM Victor Mann Stacey White
  • Sep 27th Winnemucca, NV 06:00 PM Alex Alcaraz Stacey White
  • Sep 27th O'Fallon, IL 06:00 PM Tera Keller Tera Keller, Jen Bassford & Twana Dollison
  • Sep 27th Uniontown, PA 06:30 PM Chad Davison & Glenda Dutchinson Keith Doyle
  • Sep 28th Sparks, NV 02:00 PM Gail Combs Stacey White
  • Sep 28th O'Fallon, IL 06:00 PM Becky Blue Leslie Kittles, Twana Dollison & Tera Keller
  • Sep 28th O'Fallon, IL 06:30 PM Nate & Julie Heltne Julie & Nate Heltne
  • Sep 28th Covington, GA 06:30 PM Mindy & Andre Merkerson Andre Merkerson
  • Sep 29th Redding, CA 02:30 PM Lin Brenneman Stacey White
  • Sep 30th Laredo, TX 10:00 AM Mucia M. R. Flores Marla Ramirez
  • Sep 30th Sarasota, FL 10:30 AM Bill and Dawn Ball Bill and Dawn Ball
  • Sep 30th Wauwatosa, WI 11:00 AM Rose Paul Carla Vargas
  • Sep 30th DuQuoin, IL 04:00 PM Lindell Slaughter Leslie Kittles
  • Sep 30th Granite City, IL 04:00 PM Bonnie Bontrager Apryl Bontrager
  • Sep 30th Anderson, CA 06:30 PM Angela Briones Stacey White
  • Oct 1st Webster Groves, MO 10:00 AM Tera Keller Tera Keller, Twana Dollison & Leslie Johnson Kittles
  • Oct 1st Wauwatosa, WI 11:00 AM Rose Paul Carla Vargas
  • Oct 5th Centralia, IL 05:30 PM Tricia Welch Tricia Welch, Sherry Walsh, & Kyla Jo Patton
  • Oct 5th Granite City, IL 06:30 PM Apryl Bontrager Gabriel Bontrager
  • Oct 6th Carmichael, CA 02:00 PM Dot Boyd Dot Boyd
  • Oct 6th Portland, CT 05:30 PM Kate Scott Sheri Zawisza
  • Oct 7th Vacaville, CA 09:00 AM Dot Boyd Dot Boyd
  • Oct 7th O'Fallon, IL 10:00 AM Jen Bassford Andrea Gebhardt & Stan Cherelstein
  • Oct 7th Richardson, TX 10:00 AM Amy Lafitte Bob Ulrich
  • Oct 7th Portland, CT 11:00 AM Kate Scott Sheri Zawisza
  • Oct 10th Merrimack, NH 06:30 PM Cheryl Downing Sheri Zawisza
  • Oct 11th Fair Oaks, CA 05:30 PM Dot Boyd Dot Boyd
  • Oct 11th O'Fallon, IL 06:30 PM Leigh Meyer Matt Weld
  • Oct 14th Carterville, IL 02:00 PM Dominique Grider Sherry Walsh & Kyla Jo Patton
  • Oct 19th Fair Oaks, CA 11:30 AM Dot Boyd Dot Boyd
  • Oct 21st Mascoutah, IL 10:00 AM Lisa Schreiber Kristyn Hager
  • Nov 4th Richardson, TX 10:00 AM Amy Lafitte Tom Bowman
  • Nov 5th Red Bud, IL 11:00 AM Gina Montroy Gina Montroy & Kyla Patton
  • Nov 11th Marissa, IL 10:30 AM Gina Montroy Gina Montroy & Kyla Patton