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Hosted by local leaders, city meetings crisscross the country every month with compelling presentations from key leaders and respected guest speakers. Bring a guest or bring yourself to hear what people are saying about the exciting Javita Opportunity, the unparalleled Compensation Plan and product that nearly sells itself.

For venue details, host contact information and more, login into your Javita Account and select Events.
Or call Javita Member Support at 1-855-JAVITA1 (1-855-528-4821).

  • Date Location Time Host(s) Speaker(s)
  • May 26th Bradenton, FL 06:30 PM Charles & Wendy Popovic Bill Ball
  • May 26th Pickering, ON 07:00 PM Litsa Ducros Juvie Pabilonia
  • May 27th Manchester, NH 03:00 PM Meyrick & Ai Thuy Mancebo Trinh Nguyen
  • May 27th Auburn, WA 06:30 PM Mariel Toledo Eileen Wilson
  • May 28th Pacific Grove, CA 12:00 PM Juvie Pabilonia Juvie Pabilonia
  • May 28th Zurich, SWITZERLAND 12:00 PM Alcia Gartner Alcia Gartner
  • May 28th Gilroy, CA 07:00 PM Janet Delos Reyes Juvie Pabilonia
  • May 30th Grand Meadow, MN 06:00 PM Gloria Hovda Natalie Spinler
  • May 30th Bow, NH 06:00 PM Stephanie Clark Sheri Zawisza & Jen Pendleton
  • May 30th Smithton, IL 06:30 PM Amy Boyer Kyla Patton & Jen Bassford
  • May 30th Sarasota, FL 06:30 PM Bill and Dawn Ball Bill and Dawn Ball
  • May 31st Redding, CA 06:00 PM Debbie White Stacey White
  • May 31st Smithton, IL 06:30 PM Jennifer Smith Christy, Kyla and Kristyn
  • Jun 1st Smithton, IL 06:30 PM Kayla Ratz Kristyn Hager & Brittney Huetsch
  • Jun 3rd Baldwin, NY 09:00 AM Chris Mantzaris & Hugo Barragan Stan Cherelstein
  • Jun 3rd Bradford, PA 10:00 AM John Kriner Tami Gaines
  • Jun 3rd Meaford, ON 07:00 PM Kristi Muise Glen Muise, Juvie Pabilonia & Ramon Estaris
  • Jun 4th Meaford, ON 04:00 PM Kristi Muise Glen Muise
  • Jun 5th Jackson, TN 12:00 PM Rachel Waite Jen Bassford & Kyla Patton
  • Jun 5th Jackson, TN 05:00 PM Rachel Waite Jen Bassford & Kyla Patton
  • Jun 7th Mississauga, ON 07:00 PM Doris Guiao Maria Smith
  • Jun 7th New Cumberland, PA 07:00 PM Keith Doyle Keith Doyle
  • Jun 9th Woodland Park, NJ 07:00 PM Tony & Judy Gopaul Raul Martin
  • Jun 10th Baldwin, NY 10:00 AM Tony & Judy Gopaul Raul Martin
  • Jun 11th White Bear Lake, MN 05:00 PM Kathy Mahoney Andrea Gebhardt & Jen Bassford