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Hosted by local leaders, city meetings crisscross the country every month with compelling presentations from key leaders and respected guest speakers. Bring a guest or bring yourself to hear what people are saying about the exciting Javita Opportunity, the unparalleled Compensation Plan and product that nearly sells itself.

For venue details, host contact information and more, login into your Javita Account and select Events.
Or call Javita Member Support at 1-855-JAVITA1 (1-855-528-4821).

  • Date Location Time Host(s) Speaker(s)
  • Dec 10th Lansing, MI 01:00 PM Lana Guyton
  • Dec 10th Cottonwood, CA 02:00 PM Laree Olson Stacey White
  • Dec 10th Orlando, FL 04:00 PM Lydia Hartlaub Carla Vargas
  • Dec 10th Anderson, CA 04:00 PM Margeina Barrie Stacey White
  • Dec 11th Orlando, FL 03:30 PM Maylynn Caleja Carla Vargas and Bill Ball
  • Dec 11th Lithonia, GA 07:00 PM Sharrye Hill Andre Merkerson
  • Dec 14th Sewickley, PA 07:00 PM Henry Scales Keith and Kim Doyle
  • Dec 14th Columbia, IL 07:00 PM Pat Reinhold Gina Montroy & Jen Bassford
  • Dec 19th Columbia, IL 07:00 PM Jenn Garris Jen Bassford & Kyla Jo Patton
  • Dec 20th O'Fallon, IL 06:00 PM Tera Keller Tera Keller
  • Dec 21st Andover, MN 06:30 PM Michelle Tingvold Jen Bassford
  • Dec 23rd Sarasota, FL 10:30 AM Bill and Dawn Ball Bill and Dawn Ball
  • Jan 6th Albuquerque, NM 10:00 AM Kimon Lee Kimon Lee
  • Jan 6th Arcadia, CA 11:00 AM Carla Vargas
  • Jan 6th Salem, IL 02:00 PM Tonya Curry Tonya Curry
  • Jan 6th Holt, MI 04:00 PM Edmund Tallon Edmund Tallon
  • Jan 6th Richardson, TX 06:00 PM Ken & Tammy Luther Ken & Tammy Luther
  • Jan 7th Loudon, NH 05:00 PM Sheri Zawisza Sheri Zawisza