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Compensation Plan

The Javita Compensation Plan is based on the sales of coffee to others. It's simple to understand and explain. It has been developed to be fair to everyone involved, and can be extremely lucrative to those who take action. We promise, when you see our revolutionary compensation system, you will be excited and thrilled to have joined Javita.

Javita's Compensation Plan allows Members to get paid every week. There are multiple ways to earn income, allowing Members to generate both immediate and long-term income.

STAR Bonus

The STAR Bonus is a special bonus reserved for Members who become STARs. All Members should strive to become STARs, as this program highlights some of the key building blocks of network marketing—enrolling new Members and helping your new Members build their personal team and become a STAR. Members who qualify in the pool share in a bonus based on company sales and once you become a STAR you are eligible to share in the bonus for a lifetime!

BMW Car Bonus

Javita developed the BMW Car Bonus Program in appreciation for the business-building efforts of our Members. By reaching the level of Supervisor or higher in the Javita Compensation Plan, a Member qualifies to join the prestigious Dream Car Club and is eligible for a monthly Car Bonus.

Other Highlights

From a 4-level First Order Bonus on new Members that join your team, to profits and commissions based on your customer sales; and escalating residual income as you grow as well as additional bonuses you can achieve as you escalate through our plan – culminating in the benefits of being recognized and rewarded as a leader with our Elite Leadership bonuses.

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