What is the Dollar Coffee Club?

The Dollar Coffee Club by Javita, gives you great-tasting coffees and more for only a dollar a cup! Why would you pay more? Plus, our beverages are infused with herbs, botanicals and other patented ingredients to help improve your health. Think of it as 'coffee with benefits'. All for just a buck a cup. We also provide an incredible opportunity for the average person to start their own business, be their own boss and earn an income to help pay some bills ... or even achieve some bigger dreams.
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Who is Javita?

Javita is a company committed to changing lives one cup at a time. We know that more than half the planet drinks coffee & tea!. So if you're already drinking it – now you can drink it knowing that you're giving your body the extra push to start leading a healthier lifestyle. And when you can combine this with an opportunity where you can earn free product, luxury vacations and even a luxury car, you can see why Javita has sold nearly 100 million sticks - and growing!
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