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Elevate Your Weight Loss

Simple, effective, complete! Stop taking the ‘Band-Aid' approach to weight loss and take your efforts to the level. Anchored by the revolutionary Burn + Control coffee, Javita's system for Weight Loss combines targeted products that fit into your schedule to help you get healthy, active and fit.

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Javita Weight Loss System

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Javita Products

Our Products

Developed for the most discriminating palate, Javita combines everything you love most about your morning cup into conveniently packaged servings: intoxicating aromas, bold flavors and delicious, delicate notes. But perhaps the greatest features are the countless health benefits including: ‘clear the fog from my brain’ focus, ‘balance my sugars’ appetite control, and best of all, ‘shrink my belly’ fat burning.

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Your Opportunity is NOW!

With proven products that fit into today's active and social lifestyle, an experienced corporate team, a debt-free company and ground-floor opportunity like no other – the timing for Javita has never been better.

Work when you want, how often you want – and with whomever you want. This opportunity can give you freedom, vacations with your family, and even allow you to earn money for a luxury car, school tuition or anything you can think of. So whether you have 8 hours a week or 8 hours a day, you can be a Javita business owner and take control of your future.

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Real Results

Javita's mission is to positively change lives, one person at a time. We do this by developing unique, impactful products with healthy benefits – that have impacted tens of thousands! After you experience our company, you'll see why so many people have made the switch to Javita for better health – AND a better life.